Monday 18 February 2013

Essie Ballet Slippers

I'll admit, in the bottle this doesn't look much. But on the nails, it is perfect. I've always been on the hunt for the perfect 'perfectly polished' nail colour. You know those women who always seem to have perfectly manicured nails? But it's not a french manicure, just the perfect clean base colour. Alas, Essie Ballet Slippers is just that. This is just one coat and i love it but with a bit of a darker tan in the summer, a couple more coats will look equally as beautiful. This is my first Essie polish and i just love formulation and will definitely be purchasing more. These retail in Boots for £7.99, however, i got this one from TJ Hughes in Liverpool for only £2.99! I am so glad i got it and they are worth it, i will be happy to pay £7.99 for anymore i lust over!

What other Essie colours do you recommend? 


  1. You got Essie for a great price - I like their bright blues and minty greens.

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  2. It looks so pretty on the nails,I love all the pastel essie <3

  3. wow i love it. looks fantastic. the colour is amazing.
    maren anita

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