Sunday 13 January 2013

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo!

I feel like this product has been everywhere recently, and i don't normally like reviewing something that everyone else has already done! So why am i doing another review of it? 

Well, let me tell you! This is amazing.
If it wasn't that great, i would just let you find your way around this product from the other 1304852 million reviews that are out their, however, the fact that i am still talking about it, means it must be pretty great!

Now my reasoning is over, let me get straight into the this little tube of wonder! 

My skin was REALLY suffering after i had given birth to Sienna, it was dry and flaky but also oily and i was breaking out horrendously! Those horrible massive lumps that really hurt and will not go away! I was a little naughty and attempted to squeeze a few, but they weren't ready and i just broke the skin which then scabbed. I referred to them as my 'mount everest' but it soon became 'the alps'! Like i said, really suffering.

I actually had no hope this would work, as i had tried my prescribed acne gel from the doctors and it didn't help. Surely something i can readily buy in boots would not work better than a 'medicine'?
um, YES!

Within about a week my skin was calmer and 'the alps' were getting smaller, after 2 weeks my skin was completely different.

This helps unblock the pores so your skin doesn't get clogged and cause those horrible bumps and lumps under the skin. I also found this helped heal any scabs/spots a lot quicker and faded the scarring a little. Along with that, it also helped the redness on my cheeks, i have a much more even skin tone without make-up, score! 

When i really knew this was working is when i had my 'time of the month' and not even one spot appeared on my chinny chin chin. Normally, no matter how clear my skin has been, (even in July 2011) i still had the dreaded monthly breakout.

I use this morning and night as a moisturiser all over to make sure i keep those pesky spots at bay. It's a light thin consistency, great for combination/oily skin but is not drying at all. It's also an amazing base for under make-up.

I have a feeling this is going to be a staple in my skincare routine this year!

Have you tried this? What other La Roche Posay products would you recommend?

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