Tuesday 15 January 2013

Getting my body back; post partum!

I am so excited to start getting my body back i can't tell you. Originally, i had planned to start this as soon as i had my 6 week check up and was allowed to exercise again. Well, that worked out the 20th December... Healthy eating over christmas? Just not going to happen! So i allowed myself to just enjoy our first christmas and new year as a little family together first and then get into it after. 

I started healthy eating and working out on the 2nd January. 
My 22nd birthday is the 30th June and as i was pregnant for my 21st birthday, we are going to make up for it this year, so i want to look my best! That means i have roughly another 5 1/2 months to change my body. 

There will be blog posts about exercise and healthy/clean eating. I am also doing video updates with my progress pictures and i'm going to do 'Food and fitness favourites' every now and then just showing you the products/equipment i've been loving to help me achieve my birthday body! The plan is to be even more toned than i was before i was pregnant, (which wasn't very much so it should be achievable!)

This is me before i was pregnant... sorry one picture is a bit inappropriate but it's the only one i have to show you my tummy pre pregnancy! Pretend it's just a bikini :)

I had the smallest bit of definition to my tummy...

Then i grew massively!

and now i am left with this... i didn't even breathe in for you guys ;)

It's not too bad, from the back i haven't changed that much, but i definitely have a little extra tummy and my thighs and arms are a little bigger and not toned at all! All my muscle strength has gone! 
From working out for the last 2 weeks, i have noticed that my abs and back strength are basically none existent! That was obviously expected as i grew and birthed another human being! I still find that crazy!

From looking at these pictures, i don't feel it's impossible to get my body back, i think i have a good starting point and with 5 months i think i can achieve good things! 

I have my workout log so you can see what workouts i am doing and how often etc.

I made a little video as an introduction to this and follow on videos will come! 

I hope you enjoy this series and i'm excited to see where i will be in 5 months time!

This is also my entry to Sarah's 'Get Fit Feel Epic' competition where MoneySupermarket are starting a campaign to help people achieve their goals. 

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  1. First of all, I think you already looking amazing!! I know how you feel about not believing you'll ever see your old body again. I feel bad now for the times I used to criticize myself pre-pregnancy, because I know things will never be all the way the same. But you've got a great plan and as long as you stick with it I know you'll get the results you want!