Monday 5 November 2012

What's in my bag?

I thought it would be fun to do this post now and then again after having the baby, to see how much more stuff i lug around! 

It also gives me another chance to show off my beautiful bag! It's the DSUK Block colour tan shoulder bag and will also be my changing bag when i do have the baby! (2 days to go!) 

In the front pocket i have things i use for make-up touch ups/cleaning my hands;

Clinique lipgloss, Balance me lip balm, My favourite everyday MUA lipgloss, Cowshed hand cream, Anti-bac hand gel, Sugar free polos, BareMinerals flawless face brush. 

In the main compartments i have things i need to hand all the time and all the essentials;

Primark purse, iPhone, Camera, Paracetemol & Rennie tablets, Raspberry leaf tablets, Morrisons christmas saver leaflet, Pocket tissues, Hair band, Pen, Rimmel lipgloss! 

In the middle zipped pocket i have things i don't need to hand so much;

H&M sunglasses, Pocket tissues, MAC underage lipglass, Diary, H&M wine gloves, Primark pleather gloves, Umbrella.

I am sure in a few weeks time i will be lugging around lots of nappies, wet wipes and baby toys! I can't wait :)

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