Saturday 3 November 2012

Post baby diet/exercise plan!

I know i haven't even had my baby yet and getting my body back is not the thing to worry about to begin with, but it is important to me. I'm posting it now because i probably won't have time when i pop!

Before falling pregnant, i was exercising hard 3/4 times a week and eating healthily.

Pregnancy made me so ill that i couldn't keep any healthy foods down and wasn't well enough or have enough energy to do exercise.  I haven't done an actual workout since 13th March and for the first 4 months of pregnancy, i lived on Mcdonalds and chocolate milkshake.
I haven't kept track of my weight, i only weighed myself at 26 weeks and had already gained 2.5 stone, so god knows how much i have put on in total!

 I think my body is going to struggle at getting back which is why i'm anxious at how my body will be and want to work on it as soon as i can!

I will of course give my body time to recover and will do no exercise (except walking) until i get the all clear at my 6 week appointment! I am also not necessarily going to diet as i plan to breastfeed and i know i need to keep my calories up to have energy and produce nutritious milk! I know breast feeding burns calories as well so that may well help as well! I am just going to try and eat healthy meals and snacks that are balanced to do this!

Once my 6 week check up is all clear, i will slowly introduce workouts again when i get the chance! Even if it's only just 10 minutes i get while the baby sleeps or 20 minutes in the evenings when Warren can have 'daddy time' with the baby, i will try and squeeze something in and gradually increase it as we get into a routine!

Diet plan!

Breakfasts; Wholemeal blueberry muffin & green smoothie with protein and/or oats. Protein pancakes/waffles when i get the time! Cup of tea!

Lunch; Omelette & salad, Chicken salad wholegrain sandwich/wrap, Tuna, sweetcorn & couscous, Homemade on-a-wrap pizza, Vegetable/Venison burger, Soup with a cheese & ham roll/wrap, Jacket potato with beans/tuna, Low fat ready meals etc.

Dinners; Lean spag bol, Sausage pasta, Prawn spaghetti, Sticky maple pork & rice, Stir fry, Green thai curry & noodles, Chicken curry & rice, Healthy slow cooker meals!

Snacks 2x daily; Apple & PB, wholegrain crisps & humous/guacamole, Dark choc & almonds/apricots, healthy oat snack bars, small bowl wholegrain cereal & fruit, low fat cheese & grapes, half carton soup, slice of malt loaf.

Will treat myself to cake/desserts/hot choc at lunch or after dinner on the odd occassion! 


Walk with baby a lot!
30 day shred/any of my workout dvds.
run/jog intervals.
Any of stephs workouts!

My favourite at home circuit workout that i cant WAIT to get back into..

I will try and fit as much of these in as possible, i know time & energy will be an issue but some of these will give amazing results in just 10/20 minutes and i used to love exercise so really want to find that love again! It's personally so important for my emotional state and well being!

Of course, my baby is the most important thing and if i don't get time to exercise one week, i will try not to panic about it, as long as my baby is being well fed and is healthy and growing, that is my main concern! 

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