Monday 24 September 2012

STRETCH MARKS!!! & 33 week update!

This is my 33 week pregnancy update & it marks the start of my stretch marks :(


  1. Aw dont worry about weight gain, im 33 weeks and have put on about 24 pounds so around the same as you too. It depresses me when I stand on the scales but ive just got to think that its a sign that my baby is growing correctly.
    From watching your video you cant tell that you've put on weight at all apart from obviously the bump. I know some women put on weight around their face and arms etc during pregnancy so it could be worse!

    I know what you mean about all the what ifs. the what ifs have hit me this week too :(
    Hopefully the next 6/7 weeks will speed by for the both of us :)

    Sorry for the mini essay! ha



  2. Loving your posts! I'm 12 weeks along and trying to get all the info I can :)