Wednesday 19 September 2012

My Pregnancy Saviours!

Although i know a lot about babies and labour and have longed for a baby for years, pregnancy is a whole different ball game. I couldn't believe how much i worried and how many burning questions i had about everything i felt so clueless about.

Along my pregnancy path for the last 8 months, i have definitely found some pregnancy saviours that i could not have done without.

Pregnancy forums.
One of the first things i did when i found out i was pregnant, was searched for a pregnancy forum. I needed to tell people what had happened and asked for advice anonomously. Our pregnancy wasn't expected so naturally i had SO many questions & worries, but i didn't want to go to family/friends. I found the Baby & Bump forum and signed up. All the girls (& guys!) were SO helpful and so full of lovely advice. They helped me calm down and look at it sensibly. I still to this day use it most of the time and if i have any questions, it's the first place i go to. 

Pregnancy diary.
A pregnancy diary is such a great idea! Even reading back through my first trimester now has such memories, let alone in years to come! I suffered with sickness and migraines something chronic in the first 4 months, and i felt having a diary to write my feelings down helped me focus on the good things and the end of the road, where i get my baby! This one from cow & gate was sent free when i signed up to their baby club. 
It has great contact numbers if you are worrying and need to talk to someone, nutrition advice, lists of all the foods to avoid and little tips or facts for each week.

Myleene Klass, My bump and me.
I personally found reading this extremely helpful. It was one of the first things i bought when we had made the decision to keep our precious baby. It's nice to read such an open, truthful diary about pregnancy from someone who is expected to hide it for the first however many months, always look glam and work here there and everywhere. I also loved the little blurbs from her baby's dad, saying how he felt. It was nice to feel not so alone, and that this is how some people feel. 

Travel sickness bands.
Now this is a bit of a 'inbetweener' because i can't say wether they actually helped or not. If i was having a day where i just felt a little sicky, these would help, but if i was going to be sick, nothing was stopping that...! Some people find them really helpful and some not so much, but i'd definitely say they are worth a go, even if it's all psychological! 

Chocolate soya milk.
For some reason, during the 4th month of this pregnancy, i wasn't able to stomach water. I found chocolate milk was much easier to drink, especially first thing in the morning. It's not the healthiest but better than being dehydrated!

Antacid tablets.
Acid and heartburn is a killer. I had never had it before and can't believe how much it can hurt and make you physically sick! Check the packet to see if it's suitable for pregnancy but most of them are. It got so bad in the end that i went to the doctors and they gave me a prescription to save me keep buying them, so try that too!

Maternity bras.
I didn't think a bra could make such a difference. I have always worn bras with wires because i have always been quite big busted and needed the support. My boobs got SO painful and so big that normal bras were just so uncomfy.

Although i have said i couldn't stomach water, there has been some weeks where i am just SO thirsty and have actually craved water. But only cold, bottled water will do. Tap water still isn't so great unless i have a smidge of Robinsons Fruit & Barley Summer Fruits in it. It's the only squash i like! 

I'm not normally one for baths, in fact, i average a bath about twice a year normally, i much prefer showers. Since suffering with painful hips/backache and generally feeling really heavy in the last trimester, i LOVE being in water and so baths have been a weekly indulgence. It really seems to just soothe my whole aching body!

Stretch mark oils.
I was a bit slack in the first trimester applying these because i felt i wasn't 'growing' very fast and more often than not, i would just forget. Now that i am growing rapidly, i apply this every night without fail. I haven't escaped the dreaded stretch marks as yesterday i found my first 3 :( but this will hopefully help fade them asap and stop anymore from forming!

Like i mentioned above, some days you just don't feel great. You feel tired, groggy, headachey, hot & flustered, have aches & pains, feel heavy, swollen and find it hard to even breathe properly. You just feel darn right unattractive full stop! Pampering is a good way to help you feel just a little bit better, you might feel the size of a house, but at least you have pretty nails!

Pillows & Naps.
Sleep can be hard in pregnancy, it's hard to get comfy with a bulging bump and painful joints and i have found a pillow between my knees has helped just a little bit. It takes the weight of the bump and keeps your knees aligned so they aren't so painful. Sometimes you also suffer with the pregnancy insomnia. I have been known to wake up at 4am and be so wide awake that i've gone downstairs and done some cleaning! This is where naps are SO useful, nap, nap, nap! 

I hope this is helpful for anyone out there that is currently pregnant, or planning to get pregnant. It is so worth it in the end, but personally, it has not been a walk in the park! I also just wanted to mention that the love and support of your family and partner is obviously the number 1 saviour and couldn't have been without them, even if it has been hard at times! 

What could you not have lived without during your pregnancy? 

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  1. thanks for sharing your recommendations. ill definitely be going back to this list whenever my husband and i decided to start having babies