Sunday 2 September 2012

Ahh i'm in the 30s!!! Week 30 pregnancy update!

It's getting so close now, i'm so excited!

Yesterday i went to meet my cousin's baby Mason! She had him 5 weeks early, weighing 5lb 8 1/2 oz and should still be pregnant for another 3 weeks, how scary! But he is so tiny and cute and now i'm so impatient i just want to have mine now!! haha! But only 9 weeks to wait...

Here he is!

I adore babies, i wanted to take him home!

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  1. How exciting! My little boy is 14 weeks and its gone SO fast! So take lots and lots of photos!! I cant remember him this small (he was born 6lb 3 so teeny!) xo

  2. Aww what a little cutie. It will soon be your turn :) Enjoy your rest and sleep while you can

  3. Have you tried going on to income support? Usually they change you over from job seekers to income support at 29 weeks. and there's the sure start maternity grant if your not working too. :)

    Your cousins baby is cute! So lickle!

    & you're carrying the exact same way as me and im having a girl :) not sure how accurate the way you're carrying theories are tho! x