Friday 30 September 2011

Review; MUA £1 make-up!!

Walking past superdrug last Sunday, i remembered i wanted to pick up some MUA products to try out. So i quickly dived in through the crowds of people and picked out 7 items. I got 4 eyeshadows, 1 blush and 2 lip products.

I'll start with the eyeshadows and this is what i'm most excited about! For only £1 i didn't have much hope for these but i'm pleasantly surprised.

I got a selection of colours, 2 from the neutrals and 2 of the brighter colours.

The neutrals i got are Shade 1 and Shade 11. 
A gorgeous pale beige with gold shimmer in, perfect for highlighting and then a beautiful brown/taupe colour which is very similar to my favourite EVER eyeshadows, MACs satin taupe! 

Here there are compared;
Top; MAC Satin taupe.
Bottom; MUA Shade 11.
This is a great dupe for those who can't afford mac eyeshadows or don't want to buy mac eyeshadows.

The next 2 colours i got were shade 6 and shade 4.

 These are a little out of my comfort zone, i usually stick to neutrals but these were so pretty i couldn't resist! I have yet to try these within a look as i'm not really sure what to do with them or pair them with! Any ideas welcome :) The pigmentation of these are amazing & i will definitely go back and purchase more of these in all colours!

Next up, i got a baby pink blusher in Shade 1. 
I don't usually go for pinks, but lately i've been wearing pinkish lips and haven't got quite the right cheek colour that ties everything in. This looked like the perfect blush, however, my first impressions is that it isn't that great. The colour is pretty and has a nice blueish undertone with small silver shimmer running through.

 Again, i haven't tried this yet on my cheeks, but it isn't that pigmented at all, completely different to the eyeshadows and is quite chalky/powdery in texture and finish. 

Lastly i got 2 lip products, a lipstick in shade 6 and a lipgloss in shade 5. They're both pretty pinks but the lipstick is a little bit darker than i would typically go for and is more 'rose' toned. I thought this would be good in the Autumn/Winter without going too dark!

The lipstick is great quality and it glides on lovely and feels moisturising. I'm not sure how it will look, as again, i haven't used this, and i'm not sure if the shimmer will be too much for me.

You can see from these swatches the gorgeous rose tone of the lipstick. The lipgloss is a more sheer baby pink and does have quite a lot of small shimmer running through it. The lipgloss is not that great as it's hard to get any out of the tube but obviously the colour is pretty! 

Overall, my picks that i have tried from this range would be the eyeshadows and maybe the lipsticks. Other products in this range include Eye glitter, Mascara, Eye dust, Nail polish, Tube lipglosses and Liquid eyeliners. All for £1 in a range of colours!

Have you tried MUA products? What are your picks from this range?


  1. These are so pretty! The MUA one looks way better than the MAC one IMO! That aquamarine colour is just so gorgeous! xxx

  2. seriously theya re that cheap! looks like everything is so pigmented!

  3. everything is so pretty!! love the blush color.

  4. Love everything! :)
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