Tuesday 27 September 2011

Blue nails for Autumn?!

As Autumn is finely here, it's that time to change up your nail polish. The trends are deep garnets, inky navy blues and earthy golds. However, i decided to 'break' the trend and go for... light blue!

This kind of blue always reminds of that 'winter wonderland' feel, the perfect nail polish for when snow is falling. I also think it looks great with my pale skin (for once!). I chose to wear this with a mainly all brown outfit, i used the blue nails to help 'pick out' the blue in my silky scarf i was wearing.

This colour is 'Night at the barbados' by SinfulColors. At only £2.99 they are amazing quality, the formulation of these are really good, although i did need 3 coats to get these babies bright enough for my liking. With 1 & 2 coats, it was still a little bit transparent.

 This is a gorgeous baby blue with a really nice white/silver shimmer running through. It's hard to show through pictures but it almost has a pearlised effect, and when caught it the light is the prettiest purple/pink tone. I'm now addicted to blue nails, even if it is Autumn!

I'm now addicted to blue nails, even if it is Autumn! I would definitely check out Sinful Colors if you haven't already, they have a gorgeous range of colours and the price is unbeatable!

What do you think about blue nails? Have you tried Sinful Colors?


  1. Looks amazing, I've gotta try a colour like that, are you using a relly great top coat on that or is the nail polish that glossy itself x

  2. @yolandaas i did use the seche vite top goat but they are super glossy polishes on their own! The top coat just adds to it x