Thursday 21 July 2011

A unique repurchase!

Facial products, especially cleansers, have always been something of an experiment with me. I've never found one and stuck to it as i do have combination/acne prone skin. Cleansers always seem to either irritate my skin, or work for a while and then i'm on the hunt for my new conquest.

Well, meet my HG cleanser. I mentioned it in my skincare post but I'm pretty sure it's the only cleanser i have used up and then repurchased. So i think it deserves a post of it's own.

I have no doubt this has played a part in keeping my skin clear. I recently ran out and rather than buy some more, i thought i'd see what i had in my skincare drawer. I started to use the Sebamed soap as i had it in my 'stock'. I've only been using it for about 1 week and i now have several new spots on my mug. I'm not impressed! So on Tuesday morning, bright and early, i ordered some more of my trusty cleanser and i will not be without it again!

It's a thickish consistency and almost has a pearlised effect to it. The texture is hard to describe, it's not a lotion, not a cream and not a mousse, but somewhere between them all. You only need a tiny amount of this to go a very long way as it foams up incredibly. This above is WAYY too much and you probably need 1/4 or less than that. This 150ml tube will last me forever, i had a 75ml one and it lasted me about 3 months.

It is a drying product and literally leaves your skin 'squeaky clean' but it's nothing a good, rich moisturiser can't fix. It's easy to use whether thats in the shower or just washing your face in the sink. I use it once in the morning and i always double cleanse at night. I also use it after a workout so at least 3 days a week, i use it 4 times a day! I used to think i hated Clinique products but i'm glad i gave them another shot! Their products have transformed my skin and i couldn't be more grateful.
If you think you hate Clinique skincare too, i think you should give them another try!

-Cleared up my skin,
-Leaves skin super clean & removes all make-up,
-Great value for money as it lasts around 6 months & only costs £15,
-No overpowering smell,
-Nice formula and foams well,
-Easy to use, even in the shower.

-Can be too drying/cleansing and leaves that tight feeling,
-Isn't easy to only get a small bit out, sometimes i do use too much due to packaging, would be better in a pump maybe?

Have you tried this? What's your thoughts on Clinique skincare?


  1. If it leaves skin tight then it's too strong for me. I only use stronger face cleansers after a gym session to prevent spots. Otherwise, it is too dry. Clinique is a really good (and pricey :( ) brand! :) X

  2. @Mademoiselle Lala- i thought it would be too strong for my sensitive skin too but it's stripping in a good way, my skin's oil levels are now balance and my acne has gone! I don't think it's that pricey for the quality! x