Sunday 17 July 2011

Tanning mitt; yay or nay?

To achieve a flawless (self) tan, most people recommend to use a tanning mitt. Cue St Moriz tanning mitt & *new* self-tan lotion;

Now i have a love/hate relationship with the mitt. The tan is lovely and a full review is to come. However, the mitt? I think it's a no-go.
I normally use a pair of latex gloves, as it protects my hands and allows me to rub in it and use my hands properly.

A mitt does slightly restrict the use of the hands, however, when i applied the tan it did give a much more even coverage than when i use gloves. The problem? Well, take a look for yourselves...

The tan ALWAYS seems to somehow seep through to the opposite side of the mitt along the edges. This in turn, leaves my little finger rather black.

Now, i can wipe it off, but it still leaves my finger darker than the rest, and to be honest, it's just a pain in the a**. This isn't the only mitt i have used, i've tried the soltan mitt also, and the same thing happened. So from now on, i'm sticking to gloves, i don't know how people use mitts!

So tanning mitts, yay or nay?? How do you use yours?


  1. I usually wear a glove under my mitt. I do think the coverage is more even but I'm convinced the mitt absorbs a lot of the product x

  2. I used to love The Body Shop mitt and then they discontinued it, I bought about ten of them in the sale but i've used them all now!! x x

  3. I am too scared to use self-tan. I don't want to look like dalmatian.... ;) X

  4. I discovered that using a latex glove and a large normal tatty black glove means that you can use your hand a lot easier and still get a great even coverage! hope this helped
    Em Xx