Wednesday 5 May 2010

Recent FOTD

Hey girls! I'm back and this time i'm going to post regular posts and i may even start my youtube again for Reviews and hauls etc, but we'll see! I now have my own camera and a better job which means more hauls and FOTDs! :)

Lately, i've been sporting the same FOTD, i'm not really that daring with my make-up and keep to neutral light looks. A few weeks ago, i was using some mineral foundation, however i decided that the colour just wasn't right on me and i felt it wasn't giving me the coverage or finish i wanted. Rather than try to decide on which foundation was going to be my next purchase, i went through my make-up drawer to find what foundations i already had. I decided to give NARS Sheer Matte another chance!

I ordered this a few months ago after hearing Holly really liked it for her oily skin, i too have oily skin and need quite a bit of coverage so i went for it! However when it came, i tried it on my face and it was awful, i hated it. It didn't blend well, dried pretty quick and went streaky/patchy. I tried with my fingers, a brush and a sponge until i gave up and just chucked it in the drawer and forgot about it!
Recently though, i've noticed my skin has changed, so i've been working with it. It was getting a little dry on my cheeks so i switched up my moisturisers and i'm pleased to say this foundation is now working for me! I'm quite glad actually because 1. It means i don't have to go and spend more money and 2. It was no longer a waste of £29 + p&p!

I'm extremely pale so i got the colour Siberia/Light 1.
I'm going to do a review of this at some point in the near future hopefully, either in a blog post or maybe a video. I'm going to record one and watch it back to see if you can see my braces when i talk, i'm extremely paranoid about them! If you can see them, it may well not be posted :)

Needless to say i've been wearing this for the last several days, maybe even a week? This is the look that has been my go-to lately!

What i'm wearing in order of application;

  • NARS Sheer Matte foundation in Siberia,
  • A Mix of Barbara Daly concealer and Collection 2000 cover up stick,
  • Lumiere Rested 3D powder,
  • Rimmel Stay Matte powder,
  • NARS Laguna bronzer,
  • Natural Collection blush in Peach melba,
  • Scant eyeshadow from my MAC Smokey eye palette,
  • No 7 liquid eyeliner in Brown,
  • Benefit Bad Gal lash,
  • Barbara Daly lipstick in Innocent,
  • MAC Underage lipglass.

Have you tried NARS Sheer Matte? What did you think?


  1. I have not tried it but have been lemming it for a little while! Your skin looks so flawless :) ...and gorgeous everyday look ...

  2. I love NARS blush!

    Looking very pretty girl.