Friday 7 May 2010

Hair Removal; Epilating.

All woman are familiar with the painful and expensive but neccessary ways of removing their body hair. Whether they choose epilating, waxing or shaving, the majority of woman all find it important to keep well groomed and hair free, not only to look good but to feel good too.

A few weeks ago, i was shaving as my choice of hair removal but getting frustrated with it. My body hair grows fast because of my polycystic ovaries and i had to shave everyday to stop that spiky feeling which i hate. I was discussing waxing with my boyfriend's mum and she reminded me of epilating as she does a combination of this with waxing. I went home and turned my bedroom upside down to find an old epilator i knew i had! Alas, it was chucked under my bed to help me forget about the painful device i swore i'd never use again.

I have the Philips Satin ice optima epilator. This is an old one and there are plenty of better prettier ones around, however this will do for me! It is meant to have an extra pocket with an ice pack that helps cool the skin and machine to make it less painful, however i have lost it so just use it without.

For those of you that don't know, epilating is basically plucking but in a machine form which makes it quicker. The machine has scary looking teeth, that rotate, grab the hair and pull it out.

I won't lie, epilating HURTS! The machine gets very hot and feels like it's burning you, but just like waxing, you get used to the pain each time you use it. It's also just as effective as waxing as it pulls the whole hair out from the root, this causes trauma to the hair and they will eventually stop growing back. Hooray!

Click picture to enlarge and you can see all the hairs that have been removed, along with the black 'dot' which is the root. I think epilating is not for everyone, but definiately for me! It's quicker and easier than waxing and shaving and not to mention cheaper! I have noticed a few ingrowing hairs but i can live with that :)

What's your preferred method of hair removal?

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  1. I'm nearly sure I have one of these instruments of torture hiding somewhere.. You've inspired me to give it another chance xx