Tuesday 1 December 2015

Trying to LOSE the balance

This sounds like an odd statement because I feel like as mums, we are always trying to find the 'balance' between juggling everything. I constantly feel the pull between keeping up with everything.. every day I have to do the dishwasher, laundry, some kind of cleaning, make food 3 times a day, walk Piper, do blog work and videos, reply to emails, bath Sienna, getting Sienna changed, get he run bed on time, play with/teach Sienna, spend time with Warren and take care of myself. I'm often multi-tasking which leaves me unfocused on any one thing, making mistakes and not feeling 'in the moment'. It's a battle everyday to fit everything in each day and find a 'balance' between it all..

But I have come to realise balance just won't work. There will never be enough time in the day to balance everything out and have equal amounts of times to do what I need to do. So instead I am going to try and prioritise. 

If I'm home with Sienna all day, then she is my main propriety and work will have to wait until the evenings. If Sienna's at playgroup then I will get on with the cleaning and work. And if I don't get round to answering all my emails or I don't get round to folding all the laundry and packing it away.. it's not going to hurt. Yes it might look a bit messy when people come round to visit but if I'm less stressed and prioritising what is most important, that's all that matters and will mean more in the long run than a sparkling clean home. 

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