Saturday 5 December 2015

The crafty Christmas gift guide

Battling through the shops with little ones and spending over your budget is never how we want to spend our Christmas. As much as people say that it’s all part of the Christmas spirit, it’s safe to say we would much rather be at home with a calm child, curled up with a hot chocolate and watching the festive films. 
So rather than resort to the dangers of internet shopping or risking stress and potential elbow injury from the high street dash, getting crafty with your Christmas gifts can not only end up being cost effective but also a much more thoughtful way of showing your loved ones how much you care. 

The Sweet Tooth 
We all have that person who has a constant supply of sweet stashes hidden around their homes for when the sweet tooth strikes, or being that person who chooses desert over starters. 
Well rather than invest in a Hotel Chocolat hamper that will make your bank balance plummet, why not whip up a version of your own? 
Melting bars of their favourite chocolate and adding in toppings of skittles, marshmallows or even their favourite biscuits is a super simple way of making them a more personal version of their sweet treat. 
As it’s so easy you can even get the little ones involved as they’ll love dishing out the melted chocolate to make coins and then sprinkling on the goodies. 
The delicious recipe for chocolate slabs from Sheer Luxe will help you if you’re stuck with more artisan ideas. 

The Girlie Girl 
Surrounded by beauty products we all know those girlie girls who leave the scent of perfume in their wake. But rather than give yourself a headache in Lush, create your own bath bombs that can include scents that remind you of her. 
Using essential oils and a few products you have in your kitchen cupboard, you’d be surprised at what you can create without having to spend a small fortune. 
Look to Pinterest for all the best ideas and just like baking a cake, the little ones will be able to help as well. 

The Eco Warrior  
Getting their hands dirty in the green earth and surrounding themselves with mother natures, is just how it has to be for the eco warrior. 
However, winter time is never kind to plants, and it might be a little disappointing for them to receive gardening goodies that they can’t use until the spring. 
So rather than stalk B&Q take on the trend and create them a unique terrarium.
From this adorable tutorial on creating a fairy garden, to more modern versions, you can make them to completely encompass your green fingered friend. 

The Sentimental 
Whether it’s a friend or a relative, we all have those people whose homes are decked in frames full of happy memories from holidays to occasions worth remembering. 
But in our digital age we can often leave many of our photos online rather than printing them out and enjoying them. 
So whether you take pictures of your little ones especially for them, or print out a few of their own from Facebook, compiling them in a beautiful box such as this one, and saving them on a USB can ensure that they always have the photographs to hand and ready to put up at home. 

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