Thursday 10 December 2015

Little Bou wish list!

little bou

I have been going a little bit crazy with baby items these past few weeks.. Now that we have hit the third trimester, it is finally starting to feel real and I feel like I am 'allowed' to buy everything we need. I kept all of Sienna's baby clothes from when she was little so I didn't want to buy a whole lot more baby clothes however I just can't help myself! I have ordered a few new bits as I felt bad that baby girl would have all hand me downs from Sienna.

I recently came across the website Little Bou and they have some gorgeous designer bits. You all know my struggle of finding baby girl clothes in the more purply tones rather than pinks.. well Little Bou seems to be my answer to that! They not only have some lovely baby girl bits but they have a good selection of purples/dusky coloured items.

Above are the items that stood out to me.. I am absolutely in love with the little lilac turtleneck vest, it's adorable and perfect for the cold weather we will have in Feb when baby girl is due! I also love the romper that would be great for when she's a few months old in the Summer. Little Bou actually have a good sale on at the moment so I might get a few bits.. if Warren promises not to kill me! Or I might just not tell him ;)

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