Wednesday 18 November 2015

What makes you feel like a million dollars?

Being a mum can be hard. It is exhausting, stressful, wonderful, tiring, testing.. it brings all the emotions under the sun and after a hard day, you can be left feeling exhausted and drained. It's important for us to have a bit of me time and feel special every once in a while so that we don't continue to run on empty and come close to a breakdown. We all have different ways of winding down and having me time, wether it be a workout or playing on slot sites to pick yourself up.

Personally I like to have some time on my own..have a bit of a pamper or a wander around the shops and a (hot) coffee. It's actually something I'm trying to do more often as I rarely get round to it. I feel like I work so hard with my blog, my videos, the chores and looking after Sienna, so I deserve to get a little 'treat' every now and then.

Last week I actually booked in to have my eyebrows done. It wasn't expensive nor did it take much time (15 minutes max) but it was still something for myself and stepping into the salon immediately relaxed me as I was on my own listening to the calming music.

On Friday's Sienna is at playgroup all day (9-3) yet I'm always just at home working and doing chores. This Friday I am 'taking the day off' and actually going Christmas shopping for the day with my mum. It will be lovely to have a bit of time with her and lunch out that I don't have to share with a  3 year old ;) That will definitely help me feel more like a million dollars.

What makes you feel like a million dollars?
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