Friday 27 November 2015

Preparing for Winter illnesses with Vicks & Braun

It's that time of year where every week Sienna seems to have some sort of cough or cold and I'm stocking up my medicine cupboard with all the ailments to try and help her feel better. We were recently sent some products to help us out during these dreary, bug ridden months! 

First up is the Vicks SweetDreams cool mist humidifier. It works by providing temporary relief from coughs and congestion and uses the VapoPads to let out soothing and comforting scents. It is really easy to use and set up and lets our the vapours straight away when turned on. You can choose the amount of mist to be let out and I love that it has a cool mist incase children touch it and also has an auto shut off function when it's empty, so you don't need to worry about it running out and you not realising. It holds a good amount of water and is easy to clean as it comes apart. It's also really quiet when it is on so won't disturb your child's sleeping. 

 It also has a projector on it that can be useful for smaller babies and create a more calm/relaxing atmosphere for them if they're not feeling great. You can choose between 3 different scenes; sea, safari and a starry night to project onto the ceiling and help them drift into nice dream. 

We were also sent the Braun Thermoscan 7. This is a thermometer with a difference; it has an age precision function so takes the guess work out of knowing if your child had a temperature or not. Did you know that a normal temperature in a 4 year old could be a fever for a newborn? I didn't and that's why I'm so glad we now have this! 

It's so simple to use, you just select the right age for your child, place it in their ear and press the temperature button. Within seconds you have your precise reading (thanks to the pre-warmed tip) and the screen is colour coded (green for normal, yellow for elevated & red for high) so you can easily see if their temperature is high or not and then act accordingly. 

I also love how hygienic this thermometer is.. you use the plastic caps on the tip to prevent cross contamination. The button underneath simply removes the cap for you into the bin so you never need to physically touch the tip. The Thermoscan also comes with a practical little case to keep it in to add to the hygiene and ease of using. 

Both of these items have been so beneficial to us over the past few weeks and as a mum, help put my mind at ease when Sienna is ill. I am so glad we have them, especially with a new baby on the way in February! 

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