Monday 9 November 2015

A guide to popular baby gifts

Often, first time parents may feel overwhelmed as they contemplate their baby registry. They may not know how many body suits to register for, if they really need organic shampoo and body wash, and what kind of baby monitor is the best. In reality, when the shower arrives, parents-to-be most appreciate these popular and practical gift ideas, as well as a few personalized and sentimental ones.

Since new parents become so overwhelmed, try gifting them with one of these ideas. These popular baby gifts for 2016 combine practicality and sentimentality to make their lives easier.

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Emergency Diaper Bag – While most new mums-to-be register for their main diaper bag, they don't always register for a second one. In busy households, it's almost imperative to have a smaller one stashed in the car for unexpected trips or emergencies. Buy a smaller black diaper bag and fill with essentials like a few diapers, diaper cream, gas relief drops, baby aspirin, and maybe a bottle and a small container of formula. 

Sophie The Giraffe Teether – Constructed out of 100 percent soft rubber, this teether remains popular because it's soft and flexible for babies to chew on, unlike traditional round teething rings. Babies can gnaw on the legs and stay quiet, making both baby and mummy happy.

Boppy Pillow – New mums may not realize how difficult it is to nurse their new little bundle of joy or how tired their arms will become. The Boppy Pillow helps with that as it fits comfortably in your lap and you just carefully position your baby on top of it. New mums love these as they can choose different themed Boppy pillows, and they can easily be washed at home.

Activity Gym – These soft play mats allow babies to get tummy time at an early age. Depending on the theme, they include various dangling animals, bright colours, a teething toy, and multiple melodies and songs to keep a young baby entertained. Best of all, they fold up easily so that you can bring it with you when you go on a holiday.

Sound Machines & Nightlights - Bedtime can be rough. New parents may become sleep deprived trying to shush and sooth their baby to sleep. Instead, why don't you help them by giving them a Sound Machine Soother, which plays four different lullabies and attaches easily to a crib or stroller. Nightlights also work to soothe a baby to sleep, especially, the glowing stuffed animals that also play soothing ocean sounds or night lights that transform the baby's room into an underwater aquarium, as these are the type that will last for many years.

Space Saver High Chair – Multiple brands make these now and they are convenient because they take up less space in your house. But even more importantly, they're easily portable, making it simple to bring them to a family restaurant or even on vacation.

Everyday Practical Gifts – While new mums truly do love gifts for specialty occasions, they really appreciate the ones that help them get through the day. Some of their favourites include a bouncer and swing combo for the baby and a new clear plastic shower curtain for the bathroom so that she can enjoy her shower while keeping an eye on a content baby. New parents also love receiving clothes in a variety of sizes because often they may only receive smaller sizes and babies grow so fast that they'll soon need those 12 and 18 months clothes too. 

While most of these gifts so far centre on the new baby, don't forget to include something for the new mum as well, such as a box of her favourite chocolates, a gift certificate to a nearby spa, or some babysitting coupons so she and her husband can relax and enjoy a night out.
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