Tuesday 27 October 2015

Toddler Halloween bucket!

I love doing Sienna's festive buckets or baskets, I do them every year for most seasonal holidays.. although I can't remember doing one for Halloween last year. This Halloween I done a really cute one, I think she will love it! I have gone for an orange/pumpkin theme as she is being a pumpkin for her Halloween party on Saturday. The actual bucket is from Morrisons and was only 70p, bargain! 

 Here's what I've put inside it;

toddler halloween bucket

Pumpkin tumbler & straw (last years, can't remember where sorry!)
Skeleton bowl & orange spoon (Asda)
Blood splattered balloons (99p store)
Jelly gruesome bug sweet (Asda)

toddler halloween bucket

Spider socks (Asda)
Halloween stickers (Co-Op)
Animals halloweenies biscuits (99p store)
Skeleton glow stick (99p store)
Sweetie bag (I made using green popcorn and various halloween sweets/lollies in a loot bag, all of it was from the 99p store!)

I tried not to go overboard with the sweets/chocolate this year and think I achieved it! Most of the things I got were £1 each or less so it's not expensive but adds to the whole fun of the festivities! A lot of it are things I can keep and reuse for next year as well, I always put her bowls/cups away and only bring them out at Halloween each year.

What have you put in your little ones Halloween buckets?

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