Saturday 10 October 2015

Sienna's Next Autumn/Winter haul!

I was looking for some clothes for Sienna to wear the other day and just felt like she had nothing that fitted her properly or that was weather appropriate so I jumped online to Next and made an order, whoops! 3 of these items I got a while ago as the start of her Autumn wardrobe but I thought I'd share them anyway. I will start off with the exciting new bits though! 

Next Autumn/Winter haul! toddler

This I just could not pass up! I adore the colours and print, it's perfect for Autumn and also comes with the grey tights that will go with a lot more outfits. It's a thick textured cotton and has a lining as well so is really warm. 

I got this as again it's nice and thick so better suited for the Winter and chillier mornings. I am loving grey at the moment and again thought this would go with lots of outfits; either over her dresses with the grey tights of with her jeggings/leggings and some t-shirts or blouses. It has a dipped hem at the back and at the moment fits oversized on Sienna so is cute and snuggly!

Next Autumn/Winter haul!

This is one of the dresses I got her a few months ago, but it is still available online. I was unsure about the style of this on Sienna but actually it looks really cute and girly! 

This dress I also got when I got the other one. I wouldn't normally put grey with yellow but this dress just stood out to me and I love it! The yellow isn't too overpowering and it looks so cute teamed with the grey cardi and the tights!

Sienna spotted these and I was reluctant to get them as I thought they might be itchy but she hasn't said they are so far and has worn them twice! They are a lovely colour and I love the white frill round the bottom.

This cardi I can't find on the website anymore but is one of their more basic cardi's. I love the baby blue colour and is a bit thinner so good to layer up! 

Next Autumn/Winter haul!

Again Sienna chose this one as she loved the animals on it! I love the mustard colour on her, she has good taste ;) This is just a great everyday top. The multi buy is 2 for £10 which is great value!

I loved this top, elephants are my favourite animals and I love the 'dream big' phrase. This was on the multi buy again and will be great for everyday with leggings/jeans, cardigan and boots!

Again these are great everyday t-shirts for just hanging out at home and not too expensive either. I love stripes and the little pocket is a cute touch! I loved this honey colour for the Autumn and of course Sienna chose the pink as well! 

I loved the colours of this too I think they are a bit more unusual and I love the navy background. It says tunic but it is more like a dress! 

I love all of her new clothes and I feel like I have more of an excuse to buy things now as I can keep them for baby girl when she is old enough ;) Make sure you follow me on Instagram as I often snap pictures of Sienna's outfit so you can see what these look like on and how I style them!

Are you loving anything from Next at the moment? 

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