Saturday 3 October 2015

Our new house!

new country house

As you might know, we moved house on Monday and I want to say thank you for all the well wishes and comments. The move went so well and thankfully we have all settled in really well! Sienna was a superstar on Monday and was happy playing and colouring while we sorted everything out. She has gone to bed and slept perfectly in the new house and hasn't seemed phased by anything which is amazing! The same goes for Piper, she hasn't seemed unsettled and has been toileting and exploring the garden. We all love it here so far :)

I love the area we live in too, our house is situated up a little street at the end of the main high street. It's close enough to walk to the shop in about 2 minutes if we need anything but it's also far enough away that it's really quiet and private. The hughstreet is full of nice shops too, there's a cute little coffee shop, 2 bakeries, some general shops, hardware shops, a cheap shop, gift shops, post office, library, some pubs, a really nice park.. literally everything you need right on your door step. There is also a weekly farmers market which be nice to get some fresh bread or fruit & veggies. We also live really close to the primary school which is great for the girls when the time comes as well. 

We do still have our 'old house' until nearer the end of this month too so we are still back and forth a bit picking up things we left there that weren't as important. Initially, we didn't want to pay for both houses at the same time but it's actually really good as we didn't have to move everything in one go. We have left some of our furniture and other household items there that we are trying to sell so we didn't have to bring them to the new house and clog up the garage. Hopefully they will sell soon! 

When they do, I will use My Parcel Deliverya parcel delivery comparison website aimed at individuals and businesses as it's a more affordable alternative to Royal Mail. They use some of the UK's biggest courier services but have negotiated cheaper sending rates. You can also have the parcels collected from home or work which saves queuing in the post office which is fab!

I can see us living in this house for a good few years as I feel like it's everything I have been looking for and wanting! Now to get it all homely and unboxed :)

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