Friday 23 October 2015

Our 'here to stay' home

forever home

Moving house has taken it's toll on me lately, it is one of the most stressful things you can do (especially with a bump and toddler in tow) but it has been so worth it! We have been in this house less and month and still don't have a bed but Warren and I have already agreed that this house already feels much more homely than our last one. For some reason, our last house always felt 'temporary' and was never even close to what we wanted. This house is much more my style and closer to what I think our 'forever' home would be like.

After the wedding next year, we are hopefully going to be able to save for a deposit to buy our own house and do the grown up thing of getting a mortgage. We used a mortgage calculator to see what sort of amount we are looking at and what kind of house we could get. 

I love the whole country style house, with cream and pine furniture and kitchen cupboards (this kitchen above is perfect!!). I love the big kitchens with an island in the middle and possibly an open plan living room on the end. I would also absolutely have to have a utility/laundry room, I couldn't live without mine now even though I've only had it for 3 weeks, haha! I think ideally, we'd love 4 bedrooms as we would like a guest room and then the girls would have a room each. I also like having the end-suite, family/kids bathroom and the downstairs toilet so I would love to have those as well! I would have hints of the duck egg blue throughout most of the house and lots of wicker baskets filled with comfy throws/blankets and lots of candles or lanterns. 

What would your perfect home be like?
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