Tuesday 13 October 2015

Hiding the christmas presents from the kids!

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I have already started shopping Christmas shopping. It's a great feeling knowing I am getting organised and ahead of the game as it can get so busy.. but with that comes hiding all the presents from Sienna! We hide all of our presents until Christmas morning, even ones that family have given to Sienna.. you can imagine how many that is! 

I started off hiding them in a box under the bed but that soon became too small. We don't have any room in our wardrobe or anything so I have thought about the garage, but I don't want anything to get ruined by damp or get covered in cobwebs! Someone did suggest getting a locked cabinet or safe to hide them in which i a good idea.. then you know they definitely can't sneak and find them! You can always get a spare set of keys for your partner if you both need access to the draw but just make sure you don't leave them lying around for little fingers to find!

I want to try and hide them away from Sienna for as long as possible. I remember snooping in my mums wardrobe when I was younger and then I was so gutted when I saw my main Christmas present! I know it was my own fault but I couldn't help it, the temptation was just too much! 

How do you hide your Christmas presents from the kids? 
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