Friday 2 October 2015

Being a working stay at home mum

Being a working stay at home mum

Being a working-stay-at-home-mum is really hard.. it sounds idyllic and don't get me wrong, I love being able to work from the comfort of my own home and do it in my own time.. but time is often the problem! It's really hard to juggle everything.. I earn near enough a full time wage from this blog which is fab but obviously.. it means I work hard and I have to keep that up if I want to earn regularly. I have deadlines for writing articles, products to photograph (which takes longer than you would think!), invoices to send, parcels to collect.. all of that, most days, on top of looking after Sienna and Piper as well as keeping up with the food shops and house chores and washing.. it can all get a bit too much sometimes. I feel like I am constantly rushing around and trying to fit everything in and other people don't really understand as they just see me as a stay at home mum.

Now I am half way into my pregnancy, I am trying to focus more on me and what me/baby needs. I am trying to use Sienna's nap time to rest with a peppermint tea, read a magazine or lately, I have got into bingo again.. (I say again as I used to actually go to Bingo in a little village hall with my mum & nan when I was younger. haha!). Now we are in 2015 though, bingo cams is the 'evolution of online bingo'.. see more by watching this video below!

I'm not expecting to be able to laze around every day but just a couple of times a week for an hour or so would help so much! I rarely get any 'free' time, where I have absolutely nothing to do. The evenings are even spent blogging or editing videos until I want to go to bed. I know it will be even harder when I have the baby but at least then I won't be pregnant and can survive on ten million cups of coffee a day ;)

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