Friday 30 October 2015

A little home update

I thought it was about time I did a little update on the house as people have been asking me how it's going and when to expect room tours etc. It is going ok, I have a few 'new bits' to share with you but in terms of room tours, nowhere is near finished yet! I am trying my best but still need to get bits of furniture for each room until it will be 'room tour worthy'.

We've had 'issues' with getting a bed. I ordered one from Asda before we moved that was due to be delivered the 7th October.. that date came and went and no sign of the bed and no email saying it had been dispatched. I contacted them and to cut a long story short, they basically said it was out of stock, yet no-one let me know and they weren't really bothered either! I decided to just cancel the order and go elsewhere. I ordered another one from Argos and it did arrive on time however it was a nightmare to put together! The bolts didn't even fit we had to get a hammer and sort of reshape them all to get them to fit as we desperately wanted a bed that night. I think I'm going to complain although it was half price so I guess that's why?! I am happy with how it looks now though, I still need some nice cushion for it though. 

We also have a new mattress.. we have the Eve mattress and it is incredible! It came delivered in a box that was quite small considering a mattress was in there! We unwrapped it and could hear and see it coming to life in front of you, becoming full size in seconds. 

You probably all know by now I am a big fan of the colour yellow so the edges of the mattress suit me well! It's a nice change from other boring mattresses. Eve are able to miss out the middle men and have no retail stores so are able to offer quality mattresses at fab prices. They also offer a 100 day money back guarantee if you are not happy and will pick it back up for free. The mattresses also have a generous 10 year guarantee if you are happy with it and decide to keep it. 

I'm pretty sure after a night on this mattress you wouldn't want to give it back.. It is so soft and is like sleeping on a soft, fluffy cloud. I couldn't believe how comfortable it was and I'm pretty sure having this mattress is the reason my pregnancy back ache has disappeared! We have had the mattress for a good few weeks now and it has kept it's shape and softness, I love crawling into bed every night but it makes it even harder to get out the next morning! If you're on the hunt for a new mattress that will last you, we highly recommend this one. 

Before we moved we also received this shoe cabinet from Wayfair. When it arrived, I was a bit worried it wouldn't fit in our new hallway as it is much smaller than the old house, but I think it actually looks quite good. It's got 3 compartments that are big and hold about 6 pairs of shoes. I love how it is tall rather than wide, it's perfect for smaller spaces and the narrow width means it fits nicely without being intrusive. It's the perfect thing for all our shoes!

I've also been shopping for 'little bits' to add to the house. I got these cute tins from Amazon for the utility room..

..a Yankee Candle melt warmer & some melts (fireside treats, snowflake cookie & tarte tatin)...

..and some Halloween bits from Homesense. I absolutely love all these and the candle smells amazing! You can't beat their prices either :)

That's all for now! I will be back with full room tour when we are ready! For anyone that's asking, we haven't started abby girls' nursery yet, it is still full of boxes!

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