Sunday 6 September 2015

Riverford Quick recipe box

I love cooking from scratch and making healthy, fresh meals most of the time but some weeks it does feel more like a chore and I wish someone could take the hard work of it out for me. This is where these kind of recipe boxes come in really handy. This is the Riverford Quick recipe box and it offers 3 speedy, seasonal recipes using the freshest, organic ingredients delivered right to your door.

Everything is measured out precisely, down the last teaspoon of herbs or tablespoon of soy sauce so there is no waste and no worrying you have a vital ingredient missing. There is also step-by-step instructions on exactly how to prep and cook everything so you don't have to be a cooking expert to make these delicious meals.

We have so far enjoyed 2 of our 3 meals as despite being fresh ingredients, they have a generous use by date on them so you don't have to have all 3 straight away, 3 days in a row. Both the meals we have had were delicious so we are pretty sure the third will be too!

We have really enjoyed using this box and love the variety of meals and ingredients you get, as well as the freshness and ease of using the box and instructions. We did find it took us a bit more than the 30 minutes it says each recipe will take so we didn't find it necessarily quick, but it was worth it as the meals were so good. The Quick box retails at £39.95 for the full 3 days which is quite good considering all the ingredients are fresh and organic and delivered to your door measured out. If you're having one those weeks where cooking feels like a chore but you still want delicious food, they are definitely worth a go!

*Item was sent to review but all opinions are my own

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