Wednesday 9 September 2015

Places to get home decor inspiration

If you are thinking of making over your home, the first step is to look around and get some inspiration. Decor trends change on a regular basis, so you never know what new ideas you will come across. Here is a quick round up of the different places you can go to get inspiration next time it is time you decorate your home:

Go online

These days many people do a lot of their research online, and the web is an easy place to start. There are many different type of websites where you can find home decor inspiration. Here is a list of some of the best ones:

Home design sites
The most obvious place to start is home design websites. Click the link to be taken to a great list of fifty home design sites. They are all excellent places to get inspiration and tips.

DIY websites
Most DIY retailers have their own websites. The best ones have home design sections with great advice about home design as well as decorating tips and guides. A great example of this type of site is the Homebase website, which has a project section.

Home staging firms
Another great online source for inspiration is home staging websites. These firms specialise in staging large properties that are up for sale and provide furniture for use in show homes. They have plenty of photos that show off their latest projects. These firms use the very latest furniture and home decor trends. The website is a great example of this type of resource.

Offline resources

It is easy to find good quality pictures on all kinds of websites and be inspired by what you find online. However, do not stop there. Online research is fine, but it is always wise to back that up with some physical research. 

There is no substitute for seeing materials and furniture close up. You can touch surfaces, gauge the quality and get a better feel for how it will look in your home than you can online. Here are a few places you can go to get inspiration.

Furniture stores

Many furniture stores display items together in room settings. They decorate their mock ups in the latest styles.

Other people’s homes

The homes of your friends and family are another great way to get inspiration. If you see something that you like you can easily ask where your friend of family member bought the paint, materials or furniture they used.

Show homes

Most show homes reflect that latest decorating styles. Usually you do not need an appointment to walk around a show home. You can take photos, sit on the sofa, around the table and get a real feel for how the style would fit into your house.

Regardless of how you decide to do your research, take your time. Most people can only afford to decorate a room once every few years, so it is important to take your time and get it right.

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