Tuesday 15 September 2015

I've started Christmas shopping!

I know it is only September and some people begrudge the 'C' word being used this early.. however I don't think you can ever be too organised or start shopping too early when it comes to Christmas!

I absolutely love Christmas time and as soon as I start getting the 'Christmas in July' PR emails through my inbox, I start to get super excited. I always try to start my Christmas shopping in the January sales.. this year I got some bargains that have been stored away, so I know some people are already sorted in terms of their Christmas presents this year! Amazing! I don't tend to pick up much after that until around September when I start shopping properly.

I love avoiding the rush and having enough time to get everyone presents I know they will love. It also helps to spread the cost if you do it bit by bit throughout the year. I'm really happy with what I have got so far and it just takes the pressure off a little bit; off me and my bank account!

Things like stocking fillers are quite cheap anyway so I try to pick them up around this time of year, the summer and autumn sales tend to be good for little knick knacks or even pound stores! You can even get pre-filled Christmas stockings online which is great, Hawkin's Bazaar do them for all ages and genders! It's so handy, especially if you're working full time and don't have chance to pick up bits here and there or you're just busy in general!

I even pick up new decorations when I see them on offer.. I try to update my Christmas decs every now and then so doing it early avoids the price increases most shops give to the Christmas products nearer the time!

Only (just over) 3 months to go!! ;)

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