Monday 7 September 2015

Back to school costs

With the influx of new kids starting primary school and secondary schools, I have seen so many pictures of children rocking their new uniforms, bags and lunch boxes ready to start. Along with this though, I have also seen a few Facebook statuses and tweets about how expensive it has been to kit the kids out for going back to school!

I vaguely remember my mum moaning about the costs of it all, but she did have 4 kids! Even so though it seems that no matter how many kids you have, it is expensive either way. The hidden costs on things like PE kits and the way certain schools insist on special embroidered jumpers rather than plain ones soon add up. Nearly every child will need a new school uniform as they grow at a rate of knots or will have changed schools which is understandable. Things like lunch boxes and stationary can be done on the cheaper side but again are still essential and no doubt your child will like a new character or pop band this time round!

A survey about the costs of going back to school was recently done in partnership with Great british bingo and some of the results really surprised me! Whilst nearly 53% kept the costs down by only spending £0-£10, a massive 12% said they had spent £100+! This really shocked me and makes me dread when Sienna starts school haha, or even worse, when I have 2 kids at school together!

17% of the 500 that were asked said they spent £10-£50 and 11% spent £50-£75. The remaining 6% spent £75-£100. I have no idea how much a uniform would cost at the moment as I have yet to buy one but I hope when the time comes, it isn't too expensive!

How much did you spend this year on back to school items?

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