Friday 11 September 2015

Back to school blues

We’re all different – some mums count down the minutes until the summer holidays are over, and the rest of us are dreading putting our little ones back into school whilst they’re away from us all day. No matter what’s going on for the kids, it’s somehow easy to forget something – ourselves.

Whether we work or not, we often put the children first and ourselves last. This is even more evident with mums who stay at home and keep everything running smoothly, because after the little ones are back to school, we as women are the ones who suddenly feel a bit lost.

You’ve bought new uniforms, new books, new pencils and you’ve waved goodbye. Just as the kids are going to have to adjust to a new classroom, new teacher and new challenges, you’ll have a few of your very own. We often think as mums that we’re supposed to always know what to do, keep ourselves firmly together and worry about ourselves last, but the reality is that we need to take time every so often for the benefit of the whole family.

The summer holidays are weird. They’re a break in routine, and it’s nice to have the children around all the time. Even the busiest career women usually get a week or two to enjoy a holiday, and often the summer is the best time to bond.

Now that things are back to relative normality, it’s time to do something for you! Helping with the new onslaught of homework, or being thankful that they’re finally eating their greens doesn’t count!

Of course, running a home can be stressful, so often it’s a good idea to try and find ways to relax. On top of this, you want to be able to think about your day and think you existed in at least part of it only for yourself! There’s a void in the day when children return to school, but thankfully there’s loads you can do.

You can find a job, for one thing. There are loads of places hiring mothers these days, and they’re not really supposed to discriminate when it comes to flexible working arrangements.

Of course, a job doesn’t suit everyone, because often, there’s still a home to keep in check or perhaps a baby who hasn’t quite yet started school just yet. There are classes you can take whether online or at the local gym,

Obviously, it doesn’t always need to be about developing ourselves, earning money, or learning new skills. Sometimes you just want to kick back and have a little fun. Take yourself to lunch, for a manicure, or you know what? Stay in your PJs all day. You can binge on Netflix, chill on social media, or even give something new a go online like football betting. If all else fails, turn to the trusty bubble bath!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your kids aren’t around. Sure, they’re a huge part of you, but always remember – they don’t define you!

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