Friday 21 August 2015

Wedding planning | Our photographer, Kerry Bartlett

Ever since we have been planning our wedding, I have been searching for the perfect photographer. I am really interested in photography even though I don't do it myself and I love looking at beautiful photographs. I knew I wanted someone who took amazing photos as at the end of the day the photos and memories are all you have left.

Photo credit - Kerry Bartlett 

I found a few local photographers who's work was good and got some quotes but I wasn't sold on any of them so kept looking around and waiting. When I came across Kerry Bartlett on Facebook, I instantly fell in love with her work and spent hours going through her blog and website, looking at the stunning photos she had taken. I had a feeling she was going to be 'the one' but I did keep looking just to make sure no-one else cropped up. A few months past and I couldn't find anyone who's work I loved as much so we have gone ahead and booked her! 

Here's a selection of her work for you to see;

Photo credit - Kerry Bartlett 

I am so excited as her photography is just magical and I'm already imagining what ours are going to look like. We will be able to get a taste of her work as we will hopefully be having a pre-wedding engagement shoot a few months before the wedding which is exciting as well. It's all starting to get a bit more real now!

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