Wednesday 26 August 2015

Our family home | Moving...

We have recently been thinking of moving. It wasn't planned and isn't really ideal (as if anything we do is..!) but it may be a good move for us. With trying to save money for a wedding and a new baby, a letter saying our rent is being increased was not really welcome.

 It isn't a big increase but we still thought we'd have a look around to see what properties are up for rent locally. We found one that is a similar size to this one but has more storage and is quite a bit cheaper than this one too, meaning we'd be able to save quicker after the move.

It's not really ideal, I can't really be bothered to move what with being pregnant but if it can save us money in the long run, I think we should maybe go for it?! Our original plan was to stay here and start saving after our wedding for a deposit so we can buy our first family home. We don't really like renting as it seems a waste of time, the money is going towards nothing really but the thought of buying does scare me a little bit.

At least with renting, you do have that safety net when anything goes wrong of the landlord paying for it. When you have your own house, you have to sort all of those kind of things out yourself.. home insurance, Scottish Power boiler insurance and replacing appliances when they go bust. 

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