Thursday 6 August 2015

Wedding planning | Honeymoon ideas!

With our wedding coming up next year, we have obviously been talking about our plans a lot and we have also briefly spoke about a honeymoon. We are undecided on where to go or even who to go with.. I know that sounds a bit odd but obviously we have Sienna and we aren't sure wether to take her or not. Some days we feel that a honeymoon is to celebrate us as a couple getting married, so we shouldn't take Sienna.. but then on the other hand we feel like it is about us becoming a family and Sienna is part of our family, so we should take her.

Sienna will be a week off being 4 years old when we get married so it isn't like she would be a toddler anymore and I'm sure she'd love a holiday abroad at that age. The only thing is, we wouldn't be able to have any time to ourselves and as a newlywed couple, we would like a little time on our own to enjoy that special time in our lives.

We have thought of a compromise and that is taking Sienna, but also taking some of our family. One of the pros of this is they are able to look after her if we do want some time by ourselves. Places like Oliver's Travel offer family villas so we could do something like that.. the villas look amazing from the pictures and are really family friendly with all the home comforts such as DVD players, air conditioning and lots of space. They even offer villas that allow pets so we could take Piper! I feel like a villa would actually be more suitable as Sienna could have her own playing area, we could get one with a private pool for us all to use when we want and there would be room for us to get away if we wanted. We could even brave driving abroad if we really wanted too to get away for a bit. This traveller's guide to driving etiquette has some great tips, videos and advice on the laws for driving abroad in various countries so hopefully we wouldn't end up in any trouble!

The cons of taking the family is that we feel maybe it wouldn't feel like a honeymoon? As much I try to switch off from Sienna, I know I wouldn't be able too and would still end up doing everything for her if I was there. We're also aware that it would be a holiday for the rest of our family too.. they wouldn't want to be looking after Sienna 24/7. The good thing about some of the villas at Oliver's Travel is that they do offer a babysitting service at a reasonable price if we do all decide we want to go out at the same time which is brilliant.

We feel like it's a really hard decision and we don't want to make the wrong one. I don't want to regret not taking her but I also don't want our honeymoon to be stressful or not special. If we do decide not to take her we will definitely go on a family holiday soon after so she hasn't missed out a trip abroad.

If you had kids when you got married, what did you do for your honeymoon?
*Collaboration but all thoughts and ideas are genuine.

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