Saturday 25 July 2015

What Britain puts it's #energyinto

First utility have surveyed 2000 people to see what Britain is putting it's #energyinto in their spare time. As a busy mum to a toddler (and a puppy) I don't have much spare time at the moment,  so I was intrigued to see what other people do with theirs. 

As technology is big in just about everyone's life at the moment, I wasn't surprised that indoor activities like watching TV or movies came out with 55%... whenever I do get a spare 5 minutes, I like to slob out on the sofa too!

 One that did surprise me was that reading had a whopping 53.3% and shopping only 28.4%. I'm not a big reader to be honest with you as I can never switch off or zone out of my to-do list! 

The info graphic is below so you can see what else brits get up too in their spare time! 

What do you put your #energyinto? 

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