Sunday 5 July 2015

Meet Piper the Puppy!

Yesterday was a very exciting day as we added another addition to our family.. a puppy! We got her from the blue cross in Oxford and I think we made the right choice, she seems to be perfect for our family not to mention she is the cutest! She is very similar to Sienna in a weird way, haha! She is crazy and constantly on the go playing and running round for a few hours and then just zonks out asleep for a few hours! Remind you of anyone?! Lol! She is only about 10 weeks old so is uber tiny, I'm worried we will lose her in the house!  

She's a maltese cross yorkshire terrier so they don't think she will grow much at all as at the moment is smaller than a standard maltese puppy. We didn't want anything too big so that's perfect. It's going to be tough training a puppy although she is already 80% trained from the previous owners and rehoming centre. She does love to chew everything though even our toes so we are constantly having to distract her with a toy. We have lots of paperwork to read through to make sure we are doing it properly so hopefully we'll be ok, I'm home most of the time anyway so she won't be left too long on her own and I should be able to train her pretty quickly. 

Here's a little video so you can see how tiny and cute she is :)

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