Friday 10 July 2015

Family pyjama party ideas

People of all ages can appreciate a pajama jam.  So, it’s no surprise that families gather for fun, games, and making memories in their nightly wear.  However, planning for such an event is not as easy as slipping into your adult onesie, so here are ideas to make your pajama party a sure hit.

Pajamas Are a Must

There’s always a few who arrive at costume parties without a costume, whether they take themselves too seriously or are just too lazy to get creative.  However, make it mandatory that all participants wear pajamas.  Check for matching family pajama sets if you really want to get serious about the dresscode.

Make It Comfy

Depending on how many family members you have or invite outside of your immediate household, you’ll need to ensure party goers are comfortable.  If couch room is limited, buy bean bag chairs or low-sitting beach chairs.  A pajama party is not an everyday event so you need to follow suit with chosen seating arrangement.  Also, check leading outdoor equipment providers for deals on sleeping bags.

Reserve Movies Ahead of Time

Rather than debate or be finicky about movie selections, reserve titles ahead of time from your DVD selection or choose a number of titles from Netflix.  Ensure chosen movies are appropriate for the age level of attendants and select an appropriate theme whether it’s horror, fairytale, etc.  Ask moms and dads of younger attendants if the choices are okay; you don’t want to assume a particular movie or content therein is appropriate if parents feel otherwise.

Board Games So You Don’t Get Bored

Movies are essential for a pajama jam but you have to fill time doing more than sitting among a silent crowd.  You’ll want to engage and converse, so choose a number of board games to play.  Moreover, plan on suggesting classic games that don’t necessitate a game set, such as Pictionary, Charades, etc.  Of course, video games came along after the dawn of pajama parties, yet if you have ‘gamers’ in the crowd, you’ll want to consider accommodating them too.

Introduce Some Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement involves introducing a positive stimulus to pair with a desired action.  Some people may not be totally motivated to play games unless there are prizes to be won.  Get gift certificates and age-appropriate prizes for those on winning teams or those who do an exceptionally fantastic job.  For an added spin on the psychology, punish those who are not willing to participate or who perform poorly, such as making them wear a silly costume, taking their picture, and uploading it to the Internet.

Assign Roles and Job Tasks

Teachers get kids involved in classroom activities and lessons by assigning groups and roles therein, so make one person a ‘reporter,’ one who takes pictures or writes a diary about the event; assign another the task of choosing movies; and, make another person get the snacks and treats together for the occasion.  To keep all attendants on the same ‘page,’ create a pajama party Facebook page or start an email list.

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