Friday 31 July 2015

Current toddler favourites!

Now Sienna is 2 and a half she is becoming very opinionated and you know kids; they will tell you the truth! She has been telling me exactly what she wants and doesn't want and what she likes and doesn't like so I thought I'd do a favourites for her so I can share some toddler products. 

I've wanted a trampoline like this for Sienna for a while but just haven't got round to it. I wish I had got one sooner though as she loves it and it definitely helps her bounce off some energy! This one is from House of Fraser and is a great size. I was a bit worried about putting it together but with a bit of help from Warren, it wasn't too bad and feels really sturdy. It is a great size, not too big so we can bring it inside for her if the weather is bad so it's a great product for all weather!

Summer clothes have been a favourite all month, despite the horrible weather we've had! She is convinced it is hot everyday because I told her it is the 'summer holidays', haha bless! She loves her new sandals from George at Asda and has worn them pretty much everyday even if only around the house.

Cuddles! This should be one I'm happy about but along with the cuddles comes clinginess. For some reason Sienna has become really clingy to me lately, wanting me to carry her everywhere, whinging for me and wanting me 24/7 which is hard when I have things to do! And she is pretty heavy to carry everywhere now! I do love the extra cuddles though :)

Food! This girl must be growing because she hasn't been fussy with her lately and eating everything that's put in front of her and constantly asking for snacks. She has also been asking to drink water a lot more than she used too which is good. 

Piper and Sienna's bond is getting stronger by the day. Piper snow much better with Sienna, she no longer bites hard and loves to play with Sienna. Sienna is also learning to be more gentle with Piper so they are like little best friends! It's so cute :)

Sienna loves playing with ice.. whenever I have ice in my drink she scoops a chunk out just to hold it and play with it so I knew she'd love this idea. It's so easy, I just literally froze some paint in some ice cream moulds and then we let them melt a little bit before painting with them. The pictures turned out really fun and she loved it! The perfect Summer painting activity :)

What are your toddlers loving at the moment? 

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