Wednesday 29 July 2015

A day out at Farmer Palmer's!

Yesterday we had a fab day out at Farmer Palmer's with a few other blogging friends! I bravely drove all the way down to Poole, it took us a little over an hour but we made it ok only taking one wrong road! We met up with Claire, Amy and Alice and all the kids so they could burn off some energy.

I didn't take many photos as we wanted to chill out after the long drive and just enjoy the day but I did take a few! I was so impressed with how much there was to do there and the price of admission (£8.75 for me & £4.40 for Sienna) was brilliant, we took a picnic for lunch so it made for a pretty cheap day out. 

We started off in the indoor soft play area, Sienna was a bit hesitant to get going as it was pretty busy and kids running everywhere but she soon got into it. She loved the xylophone and what she called the 'disco tunnel'. 

Around 11 we went to have a look at the animals and were told by the staff there was goat feeding in 5 minutes if we wanted to find somewhere to sit! Sienna was very excited and I knew she'd love the experience so I was glad she got a go! It was so busy they had to share a bottle between 10 children so it was a really quick go but still lovely. The baby goats were so cute and we were empresses by how organised it was actually considering the amount of children and goats!

 There was an enormous outside sand area that had swings, playhouses and water play in it. The kids spent a good amount of time playing here and it got a bit messy when the sand and water got involved! There was also a splash pad area that would have been fun it is was just a little bit warmer. We also went on the woodland walk and did the maize maze after lunch.

We finished off the day with ice lollies and a play in the big indoor soft area before heading home after a fun but tiring day! 

We'd definitely go back even though it is quite far away as it was worth it for a day full of fun! 

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