Saturday 27 June 2015

Mummy & Me #4 (June)

We managed to get these photos at Bluestone one morning and I love them. We started off trying to get Sienna to pose, but in the end I just picked her up and was talking and giggling with her. I love how natural the pictures look and they capture our laughter, I also love her pose in the first picture. We had our hair in matching buns as we were actually off swimming, Sienna is starting to look so grown up and big against me, her face is definitely changing and I think if she had dark hair, she'd look quite similar to me. She is getting so tall and it won't be long until I'm unable to pick her up at all, she's pretty heavy for me!

I'm so glad I"m keeping up with these every month, I have only done 4 months so far but I can already see the changes in Sienna when I look back at the first ones. When I have done a whole year, I'm thinking of making a little book of them.

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