Friday 12 June 2015

#mumlife - the past few weeks

I've recently been trying my hardest to relax in everyday life and not stress and worry about the small things. Life is too short and life with a toddler is even shorter.. the years go so quickly, I can't believe Sienna will be 3 years old in November. It's also occurred to us that Sienna may be our only child so I don't want to miss anything, I want to savour everything, even the tantrums incase we don't get another chance to go through these years.

Sometimes I feel like our lives too boring to 'put out there' but I've realised it's the everyday grind that I love. I love being a mum, a stay at home mum and a blogging mum. It gives us opportunities we wouldn't otherwise get and I love being able to watch Sienna grow up and hear her funny stories all day long. I want to document more of the 'boring' bits that makes my life what it is; full.

Trying to entertain a grumpy, overtired toddler at lunch with all the toys & colouring!

While Sienna was at playgroup I folded the washing and caught up on PLL! It never occurred to me I could bring the laptop up to watch something or listen to music while I do the chores but it makes it much more fun.. if chores can ever be fun?!

Coffee in bed instead of rushing straight downstairs in the mornings, win!

My dyson! Total must have with toddlers, this is amazing and I couldn't be without it now!

When we unboxed the dyson.. 'So this hoover comes with a bracelet?!' haha it was the attachment holder ;)

Still in our PJs eating homemade blueberry muffins at 10am ;)

Grumpy girl after being woken up from her nap (I don't blame her!) ;)

'I don't want a picture mummy'

Feeding the animals on her first playgroup trip to Animal Farm!

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