Tuesday 30 June 2015

Me & Mine; June 2015!

Only one little photo of us as a family this month. I managed to get this at Bluestone just before we were leaving. It feels like it's hard to get family photos at the moment, we're just always so busy and Sienna hates having her picture taken at the moment! This one isn't the best quality, as always it's on my iPhone and it's a little wonky but never mind, I think it still works! 

We were lucky enough to have good weather most of the week in Wales and the Friday we left was the hottest, I had my legs out for the first time this year! This photo will always hold memories of our holiday and nice little break. Even though holidays are never too relaxing with a toddler, I did love having a break from the daily grind and routine so I did feel a little refreshed. I think you can tell in my face I am generally happy here (unlike Sienna) haha! 

dear beautiful

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