Monday 1 June 2015

Lightening it up

This is an outfit I wore last weekend to a wedding reception. We were doing the music, I try to go with Warren when I can because it's easier if he has someone to set up and take down with him and also just ask for opinions on what song to play next etc. I never want to dress up too much as I'm not normally there for the party, but at the same time it is a wedding and I don't like to turn up too casual. A playsuit normally fits the bill for that.

I have worn this playsuit a few times before, it's from New Look and I love the colour and fit of it; it's very flattering with it's slight v neck, tailored waist and a line shorts. 

I love using my Rabbit clutch bag with outfit this as the two tones of pink work really well. I do wear tights with it as I do worry it's a little too short without them but I think it still works well. On my feet I just wore my black heels again from New Look to keep it classic.

I normally wear my black leather jacket on the top but as it was a wedding and a warmer evening, I decided to switch it up for my white waffle blazer. I had forgot about this but I think it will be a staple in the Summer! I love the overall look, the white just lightens the outfit a bit instead of it being mainly black.

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