Tuesday 16 June 2015

Keeping your son/daughter busy before going back to Uni

Whether your child has been at university for one or two years already or they are about to fly the nest for the first time, summer can be strange time when they may just want to chill out, earn lots of money for the years or something in between. It can be down to the parent to make sure they do not sleep the summer away or, at the other end of the spectrum, work too hard. It is important a student has a balance of work and play during the summer; they need to recharge their batteries in time for the hard study ahead and also perhaps stock up their money to make sure they can afford the books and Pot Noodles that are requisite for the university experience. Here are a few positive ways to spend a student summer:

Part-time Job
A part-time (or indeed a full-time one) instils a good work ethic, teaches the value of money and will give them some pocket money to make the most of during their time at university or earn some money toward posh student accommodation in London . Whether they are working in the kitchen of your local pub or helping out in the council offices they will also be picking up useful skills such as teamwork and customer service.

Internships are notoriously difficult to get on to with some of the bigger companies but they are a real boost to anyone’s CV. If your son or daughter has left it too late to get onto an internship this summer it is worth putting in some of leg work and research to aim to get a placement in the future.

Reading Ahead
It is often possible to get reading lists for a lot of uni courses so your child can get ahead of the game by reading up on their subject. Get them a pre-uni present by making an Amazon order of the best introductory books for their course. 

Volunteering can be the most rewarding, fulfilling use of your time and while you obviously don’t get paid it can put be very advantageous to your career. Not only will your son or daughter get a valuable insight into a particular industry but they will be picking up skills that will look great on their resume.

Working Abroad
Companies such as Camp America provide fantastic opportunities to work abroad. These experiences are a great way to see more of the world while meeting new people, developing skillsets and potentially earning some money. 

Remember, try and spend some family time while they are back home as well as you will miss them when they are living away. Even if it doesn’t seem like that when they are hogging the telly/complaining about the tea you’ve made/you’re doing their washing!

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