Sunday 31 May 2015

Wedding planning; bridesmaid dresses!

Coast have recently been featured over on Vows and Venues after researching the most popular colours women would choose as their wedding colour schemes. Surprisingly to me, purple came out on top with 24% while green had the lowest vote with only 8%. This shocked me as personally, I love the pale greens that seem to be popular in the Spring and I'm not a fan of purple at all!

While we haven't chosen purple as our colour scheme, I'm still undecided exactly what colour the bridesmaids will wear. The main colours are peach and burgundy however I feel like neither of these will work...

I do love the peach but as I mentioned in my post when I revealed our colours, I feel like it looks too Spring/Summer for an Autumn wedding. But the on the other hand, if I have them in burgundy, I feel like it looks quite wintery and I'm not a fan of red anyway... such a hard decision! I have debated wether to have a mixture of the two, so some in burgundy and some in peach but I'm not too sure if I will like the way it looks.. I'm also not even too sure how many bridesmaid I am having!

The only other option I have is to choose a different colour that still goes with the burgundy and peach, maybe a champagne or blush? I do love gold but it's hard to get it right, I don't want it to look tacky. I'm going to be having a good look on Pinterest to see if I can come up with something I like!

What colour do you like best? What colour dresses did your bridesmaids wear?
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