Saturday 2 May 2015

Sienna's words #2

'I have an ouchie on my thumb, we'll have to buy another one'


Si: 'Can we get a baby sister?'

Me: 'Where shall we get one from?'

Si: 'Um, let's get one from Primark!' If only, hey ;)


(I opened the cupboard and 3 mugs fell out but none of them broke, they just made a loud crash)

Warren: 'Oh smashing' (dad joke!)

Sienna: 'Mummy's smashed!'


Me: 'Do you want to watch Hollyoaks with mummy?'

Sienna: 'Yeah.. or we could call it Hollyjokes or Hollywokes?'


Si: 'Will eating my porridge help my toe get better?'

Me: 'Yes but you can't put the porridge on your foot, you have to eat it'

Si: 'Eat my toe?!'


Me: 'Sienna, do you have a boyfriend?'

Si: 'Yeah, only Grampy... and Daddy, and Rocco and rainbow'


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