Monday 18 May 2015

Sienna at 2 and a half

Sienna is 6 months away from being 3 years old and as cliche as it is, I can't believe how fast it's going. At 2 and a half, she is a little ray of sunshine. She is (mainly) always happy and has a permanent cheesy grin across her face.

She is very curious and inquisitive about life, always asking what things are, why they do this, how they got there and what this word means or says which I love. I love her fascination with the world and everything that's around her and the amazement when she figures out how something works. She loves learning and soaks things up straight away; you tell her something once and she has got it. She can sing her alphabet pretty much perfectly and can recognise most letters and numbers by looking at them. She can count up to 12 and can do simple 'maths' if you use objects and add or take them away. She can also draw a circle and we have just started on doing letters preparing her to write. If your kids are older, Euroffice have some tips on ways to get your kids writing and inspire the inner writer in them!

She loves to dress up and act scenes out from her favourite movies and she is always singing, dancing and making up her own songs. She loves to be a princess with her tiara, heels and dresses and loves to wear jewellery. She loves barbies, my litre pony, frozen and egg surprise. She can be quite the little diva and loves to be centre of attention, but only when she's in the mood. She is very maternal and can spend hours playing with babies and pushchair, taking them to the shop with her handbag and heels.

On the contrast, she has no fear and is very adventurous. She loves the adrenaline of climbing, roller coasters, zip wires and heights. She loves to be outside with water play and exploring the bugs in the garden, digging them up and watering the plants. She begs to eat outside with a picnic the second she can see the hint of the sun. She really loves her food, she isn't that picky at all and actually requests red pepper, cucumber sticks and hummus every lunch time.

Her mind is very creative, much more so than mine and she notices everything. She can pick out lots of objects in everyday things. She is always seeing what animals she can see in the clouds or what shapes are in the shadows in the car. She does love drawing, painting, glueing and baking but she does prefer to play outside or with her toys. She'll do one little scribble on some paper and say she is done and ask to go and play.

She's becoming so independent and tells me she is now a grown up nearly every day. She can nearly dress and undress herself completely solo and can take herself for a wee and wash her hands with no help at all. She only asks for help if she really, really can't do something. She will just sit there and keep trying until she gets it and then is so proud, running to show everyone. She is nearly fully potty trained, we have noticed she is waking up most days from naps and overnight with dry pulls ups. Last night she even wore just her knickers to bed and woke up completely dry.

She is very social, with children and adults, always saying Hi when she sees someone. She loves to play with other children and we have had no problems since starting playgroup, she loves it. She never says she doesn't want to go and so far we have had no tears or anxiety, she's always itching to get out the car and run in, I barely get a kiss goodbye.

She seems to be becoming more of a mummy's girl, always running up to me and giving me big hugs, kisses and telling me she loves me. She wants me to hold her hand when she feels a bit unsure and loves me snuggling with her in her bed. 'We're best friends forever mummy' is a phrase I hear a lot and a phrase I will never get bored of hearing.

Life with Sienna is extremely fun at the moment, it's my favourite age so far. Of course she does have her meltdown and tantrums but for the most part I am cherishing these days and memories as before I know it, I'll be in Wool Overs knitwear and she'll be even less dependent on me.

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