Sunday 10 May 2015

Organisation tips for Uni!

Uni can be an exciting and fun time but you can't forget what you're really there for. If you're looking to start Uni next term, here are some tips to make sure you stay organised and focused for lectures and exams!

Make sure you have your agenda written down, along with their deadline dates. Keep on top of everything by adding it to a list as soon as you know it's something you need to do. Relying on your memory can't always be reliable!

You need to be finance savvy when you're a student and TSB offer a Student bank account which might be helpful. It's really easy to switch bank account, it's free and can be done within 7 days. You can also choose your preferred switch date which is brilliant! For more information here

Get it done
Try and get things done as soon as possible after putting it on your agenda. If you leave it all until the last minute, you'll feel swamped and will have to do  a big chunk in one go which means you might lose your focus and make mistakes.

Attend Class
This is an obvious one so pay attention, take notes and turn off any distractions i.e. phones and laptops!

Sleep is key to have your brain functioning properly so make sure those all nighters and parties are a rare thing!

Do you have anymore tips to add?

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