Friday 15 May 2015

Creating healthier toddlers with Annabel Karmel!

Annabel Karmel
Annabel Karmel toddler meals

I'm very passionate about teaching Sienna the importance of healthy eating. She already knows that eating well will give her energy and that all the vitamins will help her feel healthy and help her not get poorly and I hope to continue this for as long as possible!

Cooking from scratch is the best way of educating and setting by example but sometimes that isn't always possible. When I need a quick 'ready meal' type dish for Sienna, I always try to go for the brands that are as close to home cooking as you can get. One of our tops brands doing exactly that is Annabel Karmel, whom we've been a fan of ever since Sienna started weaning. 

Over the past few weeks, have been trying out the toddler meal range.. we were sent a lovely package with the meals, an Oxo tot cutlery set, an EZPZ mat and Annabel Karmel's 'Quick & easy toddler recipes' book. We haven't had chance to try any of the recipe out yet but we definitely will, they all look delicious!

Annabel Karmel toddler meals
Annabel Karmel toddler meals

The meals are full of flavour and so quick and convenient for busy family schedules; you can cook them in the microwave or oven from chilled or frozen so you can have a healthy meal on the table in no time. I took a look at the ingredients list and there was no nasties in there, just all the ingredients I would have used if i had cooked it from scratch (except maybe a bit more sugar in a few, but nothing too crazy!). 

The best thing about these meals is that they are low in salt and contain up to 3 of a child's 5-a-day. I also love how they are quite chunky, Sienna can see what she is eating like she is used too rather than it being quite pureed like some toddler meals can be. We've never had a problem with Sienna getting her veg in but if you're child is quite fussy these may be a good way to sneak some veggies in, particularly the tomato & mascarpone pasta with hidden veggies!

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Are you a fan of Annabel Karmel? Have you tried this range?

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